Thrill of the Chase

Police Militia Officer A.J. Henckels is hot on the trail of our elusive heroes.  Edward Norton, ever the professional, is rumored to have stayed in character for the majority of his time on the set.     

Details, McAvoy & Fassbender


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Take a look at Hans Kristian Riise’s photographs, which are inspired in part by Norwegian paintings from the mid-nineteenth century: http://nyr.kr/Q5cJku

All Photographs by Hans Kristian Riise


Question: Who is your childhood hero?

Answer provided by artist Guy Shield

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Nostalgia - 1986 by Matt Leunig
“Everyone in a company should have empathy and practice design regardless of their title. Design can no longer be just be an outsourced add-on, limited to putting “lipstick on a pig.” Tech moves too fast for such short-sighted design thinking; it won’t be a lasting advantage.”
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“If something is worth saving, save it in a open file format.”

"I’ve sort of been thinking - correct me if I’m wrong - but most of the stuff Britain has won gold medals in over the last few years have involved sitting down; sailing, rowing, cycling. We did at Sochi, the skeleton where she’s lying down - it’s even better! You know, I don’t like to lie down at that speed, but I can lie there and reflect on the idea that…”